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January 28th, 2014, 21:05
Well there is exploration. Some side quests won't be found unless you travel and talk to folks or cross paths in certain parts of the map. There's few quest markers (the dragon icons), so oyu need to chat people up to find many side squests. New quests pop up in places you've already been, after certain events occur, so yeah, exploration (and repetition) is rewarded. It's not obvious at the beginning before the map opens up a lot more…

Also, JoNik, here's another hint to save the baroness in 5 turns.

Also, Joxer, re the "new" maiden quest:

EDIT: BTW, I've been playing on normal, and haven't once had to drop the difficulty level, or been tempted to increase it to hard. I did have to delay that "new" maiden battle until I got the needed the skills/spell levels.

EDIT 2: Strategy Informer was unavailable for a while. Now that I can read the review, I see that the reviewer missed a lot of the gameplay if he didn't make use of all of the skills and spells. Sure you can spam potions to make up for careless builds, but I haven't used a single potion yet. Oh well.

EDIT 3: This complaint
or the way the crucial description of a spell is right at the bottom of a page you can’t easily scroll down without accidentally moving to another spell.
This means he never bothered to contact the community to figure stuff out. I asked once and was quickly rewarded by a helpful soul who told me just to click on the spell name, and the description on the right will return to that spell when you hover your mouse over the description box. Somewhat unintuitive, since the description changes to whatever spell name you hover over, even after clicking on one. It should freeze once you click one.

This person should not review any game more complicated than tic tac toe.
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