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June 27th, 2007, 23:34
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After a proper 1.2 installation I had have any issues either. By proper I mean installing every patch individually up to 1.2, instead of just 1.2 (got various issues when I just patched it with 1.2 directly).
What sort of issues? You definitely do not have to install the community patches in order. In fact, it is recommended to uninstall 1.2 before applying 1.3 because 1.2 has a few features that were removed in 1.3 because they didn't work out as well as intended.
For example, I think that they have removed the combat hit animation (when the hero tumbles back or gets knocked down) in 1.2 to fix the stun-locking and then they re-added the animations back in with 1.3 because a lot of people had problems with the combat due to crippled animations.
So to make sure that this feature from 1.2 is gone, anyone who already has 1.2 installed (and who has issues with the combat animations), should go and uninstall 1.2 (from Add/Remove Programs in the control panel) and then install 1.3. - That's the cleanest and safest method.

Also, on a side note, every single one of these fixes will apparently only work if the related script has not been triggered yet so if anyone is already far into the game and has already talked to most of these NPCs and done their quests, the patch will do next to nothing for you because most of the fixes do not work retroactively.
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