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June 28th, 2007, 15:16
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They even activated the related two perks (i can´t get them together anymore, sorry ) and then picked two chars, assigning them as trainers.
I also can´t remember really anymore whether they´ve been the ones the PBs had foreseen regarding that, but it might be.
It should be noted though that "Improve Armor" (which can be learnt from the smith in Okara who is called Mannig, I believe) seems to not have any effect. In other words: You can learn the perk but it will not really change your armor values. It's only a dialogue fix so far, not a "real" gameplay fix.

AFAIK, they simply switched it off for the moment, because it was so bugging.
Eventually at a later time, after access to source code and more file formats, they´ll be able to fit it in correctly.
Regarding the firesword, it should be mentioned that the firesword is not bugged for everyone. My firesword has always been pleasantly silent. It seems to depend on the sound provider/driver that you are using (me is using Realtek onBoard sound with EAX 2.0 support enabled and it's fine).
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