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June 28th, 2018, 16:29
Originally Posted by Oldrich View Post
I had a look a the video today. The MGF (MGIF) format is a tough nut to crack. If someone wants to look into it:

For now I have simply recorded the DOS version intro with translated subtitles and uploaded it to my mega repository, you can find it in the Extras folder.
I also looked into the issue of the subtitles not displaying during the intro video of the Windows version. No luck. I read a blog post from the dev of the Windows conversion saying he used a Direct X wrapper for the Windows version. It seems the SRT-like subtitles are not displayed because of this incompatibility. Trying different codecs may solve the issue but not worth the trouble as other things aside from the game would have to be installed.

Thank you for the translated intro taken from the DOS version. I was checking out the DOS version a few days ago, was there ever a patch released for it? The DOS version I have is 1.0

An update on my play-thru of the English translation:
Up to the part where I got Gralt to join my party. Everything looks great. I'm enjoying this game very much, excellent game!
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