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May 27th, 2020, 10:20
Originally Posted by Falksi View Post
I've yet to play SoR4, but I really don't like the look of the new graphics, nor the new characters either. I'll defo play it at some point but, from what I've seen & heard about it, it looks as if the devs don't "get" the SoR franchize tbh.
Originally Posted by Winterfart View Post
Yeah, SoR4 feels opportunistic.
Trendy "indy" retro pixel art game published by a big name? Gimme a break!
Nah, fellas, SoR4 is awesome! (Yes, so is SORR and I have unlocked all the characters on that.)

I especially like how the harder difficulties dont mess with the damage/life at all and just add way more enemies! MANIA setting is full on. (except with bosses, actually!!)

It's got all the characters from SOR1 through 3 but the new guys, including the remakes of Axl, Blaze, Adam, are the best.

Also, the enemies bounce off the edges of the screen which lets you juggle them a bit and feels way better than having them go off the edge of the screen.

And being able to catch thrown weapons as they bounce off heads is pretty neat, too.

Ive even got a screenshot to make this post look better fitting in the thread!

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