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May 28th, 2020, 19:53
Blades of Vengence - Megadrive

Never been near this before so was quite excited when I saw the setting. Golden Axe-esq Conan time, as you get to choose between a Amazon, Barbarian or Wizard & battle all the nasties of a far off fantasy realm.

Wasted potential here. The game goes to do all the right things, incorporating a few very light RPG elements such as weapon upgrades & the ability to collect or buy potions, having 3 different characters that all play a tiny bit different each other etc. But the game itself? well, it's just a bit bland & dull.

Biggest flaw is, like so many other games, you face the same enemies and rely on the same moves over & over. It's incredible what a difference this makes to that era, and how changing it up keeps so many games fresh. The Wizard is the most fun to play, as he chucks bolts around all over. I enjoyed it for a while with him. But playing as the other two is a dull affair (until you aprgrade the Amazon, but even though it's not as satisfying as the Wizard). I'm usually a sucker for games, or anything, with big tits & a bit of ass in, but this didn't win me over.

Another "meh", s'ok, doesn't hurt game which doesn't particularly stimulate either.

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