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December 25th, 2013, 19:03
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Personally, I found Drakensang (both games) to be among the most bugfree ones I had ever encountereed - and because of that I was quite surprised that there had been Patches for both.

I did a weekend's beta-testing ( 2 days, in ffact) for Drakensang 2, and yes, there were bugs. And yes, they were gone in the final game.

But I think that this is also a case of personal perception.
You really don't need the unofficial fixpack to enjoy the epicness of Drakensang games, but for nitpickers who'll spot a smallest glitch like me, it's a nice thing to have. And it wasn't hard to make it since, as you said, the original game was almost bugfree unlike The goty (cap. is intended) where bugfixing by modders can take decades.

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Really hating the checkpoint save system in Alpha Protocol, BTW.
That's the reason I've never bought it nor will. Regardless ppl thinking I'd buy anything from BiS/Obsidian.
Such savesystems should stay away from PC.
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