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December 20th, 2018, 14:17
Originally Posted by TomRon View Post
In regards to Chiens post, how much Atom shop currency can you get by simply playing the game a reasonable appoint of time? Is it constant grinding for weeks or months to reach that 1.8k or is it doable for anyone?

Not that it actually matters to me since I'm no longer part of Beths target audience, but it does matter when comparing real money and in game currencies.
Reasonable is pretty inadequate when dealing with the exposed behaviour: players ranting about cosmetic items that can be acquired with ingame currency. And find equivalency to items like TW3 that must be bought with money.

Same stuff as usual: cultural players who play vid products to be seen as gamers.
Who managed to see the end goal of playing FO76 as acquiring these cosmetic items.

You could have imagined there were other stuff to do in this product and that acquiring those cosmetic items would be received for what it is: a side product of playing the product.

After reading the comments in the article section, none pointed out that once you have gained 18 000 atom in game and spent on the item worth 18 000, it is like earning or saving $18.

Yet, by their own line of thought, they should have reached that conclusion: play the product, earn 18 000 atoms, and save $18.

These guys have no interest in being gamers. They want to be perceived as gamers though and feel that kind of economic model for what it is to them: a tax.
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