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December 21st, 2018, 14:18
The situation got out of control.

The loot boxes scandal was such, still you could still find excuses as players who bought loot boxes were ensured to get first quality items (normal since they paid for it) while the same content was available to other players after a couple of tries to get it.

In this case, there is no difference: players get ingame what othes get for money on the first try.

Cosmetic stuff and players rage as if there were nothing else to expect from the vid product. You can not play that product without getting that cosmetic stuff, if you do not, it is ruined.

The destruction of gaming.

Originally Posted by Cacheperl View Post
Yeah, I could agree to that statement.

If that would be the problem, any game which uses some ingame acquired funds would have the same problem. The only difference would be the level of immersion, due to the game-external nature of the shop.
External nature, players can buy with ingame currency.

Immersion, great. People do not read threads: one cosmetic item is a christmas attire. It is christmas time so it must be christmas time in this vid product too.

So much for escapism and so called escapists too: it is christmas time so the way to escape is to get christmas time in the vid product. What about a muslim religious thing. That would be escapism.
The problem is, there are people who actually buy Atoms, and essentially get cheated. I'm not willing to put the blame for that only on these individuals. The pricing tactics and nature of the sold items are… well, bordering on fraud.
Originally Posted by Cacheperl View Post
They do not earn anything, and you hardly save 18$ if the item is not worth the 18$ price to begin with.

In fact, they lost something. The time they wasted on acquiring 18000 atoms.
It is more like a tax than a fraud: players do not want to spend time playing the game and still want a token showing they've played the game, to satisfy their sense of belonging.
They want to belong without being, they pay.

The crowdfunded scene has done little for board gaming but it sure has helped speculation.

It is quite common for crowdfunded projects to flood players with minis (hence the crafted expression kiloplastic)

So they offer minis that are going to be available through retail and exclusives to the crowdfunded project.

Price of the minis available later through retail:0,5 to $1 per unit, exclusive: 5 to $10 and later auctioned to prices like $100.

No difference in quality between minis by the way.

The big, bad corps have a lot to learn from the crowdfunded movement in terms of manipulation of value.
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