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December 21st, 2018, 14:29
Originally Posted by Morrandir View Post
While I understand where you're coming from, the harm is a change in culture. People vote with their wallets for a certain trend. So if the demand for products like this is high enough finally "all" publishers'/devs' business models will change. In this case a likely direction is pay to win. The step from "If people want to spend $18 for in-game paint sets or something, I say go for it." to "If people want to spend $18 for 10% more damage, I say go for it." is small. Another direction is meaningful contect cut out and sold later as micro-transaction. Imagine Pathfinder:Kingmaker where in the base version you only have Fighter, Rogue and Wizard classes. Each additional class costs $5. At the latest when this happens you will care?

However there's nothing you (or any other single person) can do against this trend.
So the end result of just ignoring stuff like this is the same as in your approach. The difference might be a casual rant here and there.
Mental contortionism. That is not even the situation. That has never been the situation. Already stated many times, these days, people speculate against stuff that is very unlikely to happen to distract from speculation about stuff is likely to happen.

In this vid product, the items bought with money or ingame currency are the same.
If ever they went off the cosmetic route, it would still take to offer a different item to those who bought with money. Because as it stands, the 10 pc upgrade would still be available to players with ingame currency.

Nothing new: gaming is now a cultural activity and people want the social benefits of belonging to a gamer population segment while they have no interest in gaming.
Hence they are inclined to buy cultural tags to feel and show they belong.

Players who play this product: zero issue for them, they are so they belong. They may even consider not buying that kind of cosmetic stuff since they do not need it to belong.

Players who desire to belong without playing: they are taxed, they need that kind of cosmetic stuff to belong.
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