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December 1st, 2006, 20:32
I watch practically everything worth watching… there's just too many great movies to recall here… but just recently I watched The Davinci Code. I thought it was very good… but it's probably only going to appeal to open-minded people when it comes to religion. If you're very devout in virtually any religion you might find this movie boring (due to lack of suspension of disbelieve as caused by your own beliefs) or even offensive. If you believe unquestionably that there is no God and Jesus was just a man like any other, then the movie similarly will probably just seem pointless to you.

The Remote with Adam Sandler was a very good movie which was released recently. That one was funny and very, very sad. It had some great life lessons that could be learned from it. I'd recommend it to anyone of any age.

For older movies, Vanilla Skies and What Dreams May Come immediately come to mind. Those are works of art in the purest sense of the word. They're poetic creations of the imagination that I for one appreciate immensely. Whether or not they relate to your own beliefs in any or all aspects of your life, they're still worth watching.

I rented the New Superman Returns movie but I heard some bad things about it. I'll have to decide for myself after I watch it. I'll get around to watching it probably tonight. If it is as good as the Spiderman movies then I'll be happy. The spiderman movies are pretty fun to watch.
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