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October 5th, 2009, 07:53
just got done w/ crazy Majesty2 scenario. 3rd from last mission. The entire campaign up to this point, youre pretty much fighting monsters of various types, and while they can be challenging, they really dont stack up well against well-armed and upgraded minions. Get the right mix down and theyre toast. Well this was one of those "turn the tables" on you missions, and I was fighting clerics, paladins, elves, and rogues, actually sandwiched inbetween two hostile ai lords.

Got wiped out a couple times because i like to try and be a tough guy and go "no towers" style, but w/ this one there's not much choice. You will tower, at least minimally, or you will die!

It's a very frustrating level at first, finally i figured out the right mix and prevailed… after a while ='.'=

I'm kinda bummed tho - the crazy Cultists of Fervus are no more
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