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Default Gothic 3: City attack problem

November 19th, 2010, 00:00
Okay. . i've Liberated Braga. and i went onto Mora'Sul. did all those quests 75% rep such such Got the Robes of Adanos. Ring. Well now ima get the crown! well after i was in the temple to talk to Gonzoles well he says "Bad news. i can not take any risks anyone invloved in this will die" or something he attacks me as well of the rest of the city. Killed them all Liberated the place. GOt the key from him and Kurt. got the crown. well i headed back to Trelis to finish a few things there. Well i Teleported there and the guards attack me for no reasson? as well for the rest of the Citys in Mertona. . aswell as the Desert citys? this a bug or is there something i need to do?
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