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July 31st, 2008, 22:01
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Yeah I see what you're saying - it might be better to release it with no protection and just pick up the few sales it can from the loyal fans who won't pirate it. Though I've got a feeling those loyal fans will still pick it up even after the delay so I'm not sure how much of a difference in total sales it would make.
Loyal fans aren't even the problem. A buck can only be turned about once, it's now hitting in the middle of Christmas to compete with every other major title out there.

Piracy sure is a major issue, but it's about a simple zero-sum issue. What will make you lose the most copies, piracy or overcrowding? I'd say overcrowding is definitely more dangerous, despite how major an issue piracy can be.

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As far as Ossian are concerned I don't think it'll be too hard on them.
This kind of nonsense can have major impacts on developing houses, especially start-up ones. I don't know if Ossian has big overhead, but if they do, they're in trouble. Troika was supposed to float on Arcanum as a flagship, but they never could, and the publisher's incompetence contributed to that.
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