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April 15th, 2010, 19:27
Originally Posted by crpgnut
Your beta testers are pointing out magic's weakness but it doesn't sound like you're going to address the issue in any meaningful way.
Unsure what you mean by this. We've taken every suggestion that any beta tester has given us to heart, resulting in Mana regeneration rates being addressed and a number of spells being adjusted. In the latest version getting ready to be tested, Mages are notably more powerful.

What is most important, to me, is that Eschalon does not become "Torchlight" or "Diablo" where spells are flung like some kind of unlimited energy weapon. Mages who are so incredibly deadly have little need for any other utility or defensive spell, and that makes for a horribly unbalanced magic user IMO.

I certainly understand your desire to play a "Heavy-duty Battle Mage" type of character, and it is possible to create that in Eschalon if you focus 100% of your character's development towards this goal. But any other player who chooses to diversify their Mage's skills will find it challenging to play their character in such an aggressive manner, and may need to rely on stealth, defensive magic and even melee weapons to supplement their play style.

Either way, I do hope you find Book 2 enjoyable and I appreciate your comments.
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