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August 23rd, 2010, 20:27
I dont know how many here haw MMO playing experience.
But if you do you are surely acquainted with infamy of Cryptic. This company practices a formula of adopting famous franchise. Creating a semblance of a game in shortest possible time. And than maximizing on the first day sales (of lifetime packages) before the fans realize they have been cheated.

Atari on other hand is well known to all for abusing and ruining D&D licence for years now.Even the WOTC is suing them desperately trying to revoke exclusive distribution rights.

4th edition D&D is unloved by most of pnp D&D players

And new Forgotten realms lore is so bad WOTC had halted the press of new novels.

This MMO or whatever it is , must be the marriage made in hell.
Probably the worst D&D based game waiting to happen.

It was just announced and people already hate it
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