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Default Morrowind VS Oblivion

January 5th, 2008, 11:31
ok, I've tried morrowind before and I thought it's dull and boring so never even thought of playing it again. but my bf is big morrowind and oblivion fan and he has convinced me to play morrowind again. I'd like to play oblivion but my computer is not upto date so I cant. well, Im giving it a go with morrowind again.. although I'm so tempted to quit it now since I'm still in very early stage of the game where its very much boring. anyway, there are lots of elderscrolls fans out there… so I just though I'd ask few questions.

1. what morrowind mods can you guys recommend to me to make the game more interesting?

2. which one is better? morrowind or oblivion and why?
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