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January 5th, 2008, 11:48
1. I prefer playing my games unmodded, but if you're not beyond destroying some of the charming ugliness of Morrowind by prettifying people, you should search out some of the body- and head mods around (Rhedd's Heads, Better Bodies etc.). I would recommend getting either the MW GotY edition or the Tribunal and Bloodmoon addons. If you play Morrowind with Tribunal, I recommend to start the addon quest immediately - at least the first part is significantly easier if you're still very low level (they introduced level scaling in Tribunal, but it only works for the expansion and not for the main game).

2. I prefer Morrowind because a) it's vast when compared to Oblivion, b) of its unique atmosphere, c) the territorial diversity when compared to Oblivion. All in all, I find Morrowind's visuals hauntingly beautiful in their strangeness. You have to (or can) do lots of running to and fro, which - due to restricted public transport - can be tedious at times, but it's still better than the teleporting feature of Oblivion which makes exploring kind of obsolete. In Daggerfall and Arena, teleporting was okay because these games covered a whole continent respectively parts of a continent.
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