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Default Horizons - Pixel Magic Acquires EI Interactive @ Official Site

November 29th, 2006, 23:28
An announcement at the official Horizons site indicates that EI Interactive, who had recently acquired the IP from Tulga Games, has in turn been purchased by Pixel Magic Entertainment. What this will mean for the beleaguered MMORPG is anyone's guess.
11/28/06- Carson City, NV- Pixel Magic Entertainment Corporation announced today their acquisition of Enhanced Interactive Communications Corporation. Enhanced Interactive Communications Corporation is the parent company of online game publisher EI Interactive.
E I Interactive publishes online interactive content products. This includes casual games through an online game portal, gaming review and information sites, and massively multi-player online games (MMOs). EI owns and operates www.mygamehaven.com a portal access site for MMOs, which is one of the fastest growing markets in the interactive entertainment industry.
Pixel Magic Entertainment Corporation through its affiliate companies builds and evolves online products for niche communities. Their efforts endeavor to incubate technology that better supports community construction in the online world. Their culture is built around a team-based commitment to discovery and innovation in technology driven online communities. Interactive entertainment is amongst the fastest growing consumer markets today; the online component of interactive entertainment is its fastest expanding subset.
More information.
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November 29th, 2006, 23:28
Sounds like CVs from a group of supervillains:

The Directors

DR. ALLEN BAIN, Managing Director

As a co-founder, officer, or director of several companies spanning nearly two decades, Dr Bain has participated in leadership roles in both the business and the science of drug discovery. Dr Bain is a pharmacologist focused on new drug development including, treatments for disorders of the brain, heart and other electrically active tissue. Most notably, Dr. Bain co-founded Cardiome Pharma (NASDAQ: CRME), whose flagship ion channel modulating drug to treat cardiac arrhythmias is in Phase 3 clinical trials in the U.S., supported by a large pharmaceutical company.

Dr. Bain has been CEO of Immune Network Ltd. since 1999. He was also the Chairman and CEO of BC Research Inc., a 100-employee contract research and science incubator that Immune Network acquired and later divested. Dr. Bain was a co-founder and President of the cardiac ion channel drug discovery company Nortran Pharmaceuticals Inc. (now Cardiome Pharma, trading as COM on the Toronto Stock Exchange). He has started and served as a director on the boards of various drug discovery and related companies, including Magic Bullets Enterprises (an investment company), and Pneumo Labs Inc. (a contract service company). Dr. Bain has been an honorary lecturer at the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics at the University of British Columbia, where he received his doctorate in pharmacology in 1994 for his work in neuroscience.


After retiring from a very successful 34-year career as a CEO of defense intelligence and electronics companies and as a member of the venture capital industry in Silicon Valley, Mr. Bibbens was invited to serve as the Entrepreneur in Residence in the Office of Advocacy, U.S. Small Business Administration. He served a record six and one-half years in this role in both the Clinton and Bush Administrations. In this position he provided senior-level national policy guidance on issues affecting high-technology industries and growth companies.
He was assigned the lead role in the Clinton Administration for ensuring the SBIR program was renewed. In this capacity he worked closely with all of the national SBIR program managers at all agencies and established the annual Tibbetts Award program to recognize the best SBIR companies and support agencies in all 50 states, and the best federal agency program mangers. This resulted in landmark legislation in December 2000 that included new intellectual property and production commercialization protections for SBIR technologies developed by small entrepreneurial companies. Mr. Bibbens' national prominence on these programs provides Homeland Venture Partners, L.P. immediate access to all of the SBIR and STTR programs. His work in the Office of Advocacy included streamlining the national securities laws to simplify the sale of securities by small businesses that resulted in the ground-breaking SEC no-action letter for the Internet site for ACE-Net (Angel Capital Electronic Network). He received a number of awards during his public service.

Mr. Bibbens spent 34 years in the defense electronic warfare business, including 10 years as a CEO of his own firm, Antekna, which returned over 15-30:1 to initial investors (45-60:1 to founders). This entrepreneurial experience included three rounds of financing (one angel round and two VC rounds) and a tax-free acquisition by a Fortune-500 firm. He then served 10 years as division president for two divisions of Loral Corporation--a Fortune- 500 defense electronics company at that time (1982 to 1992). His division leadership included guiding the fastest growing and most profitable Loral division ($8 to $30 million in three years with 25 percent pre-tax profit); and then a major turn-around in 1985 on the largest Loral acquisition of that time, the $100 million ROLM Mil-Spec Computers. He also served as Director C3I at the Loral Corporate headquarters during the acquisition of Goodyear Aerospace in 1987 which doubled the size of Loral from $750 million to $1.5 billion. Mr. Bibbens currently sits on the boards of emerging technology companies developing leading-edge businesses in the areas of Cybersecurity, GIS, and Intelligence. He is also Board Chairman of ACE-Net. He is a board member of the Small Business Technology Coalition (SBTC), the primary trade organization supporting the SBIR program.

I can already imagine what will happen to Horizons: a barrage subliminal messages generated by the new client software will be used to convert all players into mindless zombies of Pixel Magic!
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