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September 24th, 2009, 14:47
Jay Watamaniuk pens his first Bioblog entry as a new writer for Mass Effect 2:
A few things have changed in the last week that have altered my life at BioWare pretty dramatically. I accepted a position as a writer on Mass Effect 2, which meant that after 8 years I no longer helm the stormy seas of community. I leave that to Mr. Priestly, who has far more aptitude and skill in this; proving his value since his days back in QA when he was basically doing his job now but not getting paid for it. I have no fear for community under his direction. He knows his business and he is passionate about doing right by the fans.
For me… I need to learn a completely new job at a company with which I have grown very comfortable. I need to see up close how games are made. In marketing, we work with the development teams to help tell fans about their work; to spread the message and to show off proudly the work the dev teams do. Marketing BioWare games – though complicated, as the games are complicated – is easy from the perspective that the product is of a world class quality; something that sets a standard. As a marketing guy, you need to ask little more than to feel good about the work you do.
More information.
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September 24th, 2009, 14:47
Does anyone else find stories from within games companies more depressing than inspiring? Like this one:
Yeah, this guy used to work long hours for us at a thankless job where he took abuse all day from players. Oh, what? No, he wasn't paid for that. But the good news is that now he works long hours at a thankless job, AND he's getting some tiny remuneration as well. There's no overtime, natch, we all do it for the luv.

Response: Wow, he's so LUCKY! I would KILL to work for Bioware!
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