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November 3rd, 2009, 10:25
Have you been in a festival places? Where you can play many different mini games, and buying different foods for snack while walking with your friends?? As we know this season is the most suitable month for festival like this. For what I have experienced this year in the Luminary world this is the best and most exciting things happened.

As the month of october started lots of surprises came to Lumi world,New rare items of the month was lauched and different event also started this month. During the Attendance event I received cool items, it's just sad that it has already ended but I know soon it 'll be open again maybe it just take a break. Second event is like a festival type where we experienced playing mini games inside a Festival Place and it was damn good.. cool stuffs in this place are also available. There is also a roulette in each town that keep on changing one's appearance and could even win a lux item. So good right?

Oh! before the end of the month of october we also held the GoonZu election and we are now on the S9,We vote for the new sets of Goonzu and ministers in every server. The process of voting is not so far from real life we also had the voting machine, ballots and voting place just cast your votes for your own choice of candidate.Well, I'm happy for the newly elected Goonzu. "Congrats!!!! Goodluck and do your best."

And for the Goonzu Day and Halloween Eve we had a very nice party. Lots of activities for two weeks and Lots of party this month and the new GM also conduct a welcoming party so everyone can recognize her. Well she didn't failed cause having a new GM is really great.
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RPGWatch Forums » Games » General MMORPG » MMORPG Marketing » Halloween hangover
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