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November 18th, 2009, 23:13
Originally Posted by LuckyCarbon View Post
"I'll tell you why I'm running around helping people Morrigan, it's called a side quests in a Bioware game. If I don't do them I'm going to be under level for the story fights and probably miss out on some good loot. Shut up about it already and quit freezing all the melee characters with every cone of cold you cast."
I just removed morrigan from the party when the character started to become too troublesome. Morrigan might be more suited to evil play atleast thats the image I got.
I even created an "evil" spellcaster just to see if it would work better with her.

I guess the way bioware does it you either like it or not. I like it atleast more than those games that dont have such party interaction at all.

But what you said would actually be a good line from the main character to the morrigan. Perhaps bioware should hire you.
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November 19th, 2009, 14:52
I'm a goody goody caster and have no problems with Morrigan. Sure sometimes she smirks at what I do, and may lose a -3 or something, but a little silver ring here and there and she's back to 100
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