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November 26th, 2009, 14:57


There are four different classes in this game: The Summoner, The
Warrior, The Archer, and The Mage. Each class can do what is called a
"Class Transfer" and change your class to a certain extent ( e.g. A
warrior can become a Dire Warrior, a damage dealer, or become a Temple
Warrior, a tank ). There are 4 class transfers that you can complete.
there are other feature of this game like marriage, Ranking, Mount and etc.
In the Guild in this game each guild HAve A Castle to protect From any enemy Guild
And you Can Strengthen your castle by building some defense structure and other structure
that help your guild a lot.
This GAme HAve 2 Country Empire And Dynasty and Theres A schedule War or Called
"State War" That all Player From Each Country with Certain LvL Can Join The War.
each representative of each Country must Compete and win to other Country..

And This Game is different from other MMO Games Because BoT is legel in this game
For us Player to be fair to play. @_@

Here's other Useful LInk For U..

Game Download Tutorial

Official Screenshots Thread


Novice Guide for Beginners

Class Transfers

How to Config Bot

HOPE U lIKe this GAme thx
BY. AzuraDragon Or Azura23
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