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December 14th, 2009, 17:11
RPG Codex has penned a positive review of Risen stating that it is a fine and 'worthy successor to to the Gothic series.' The review covers the story, the exploration, the plot and the combat.

Here's a bit about the dangers you'll meet in Risen:
And dangers are common in Risen. I already mentioned the traps, now it's time for monsters. There are quite a few of them that you'll HATE, and I mean HATE with a passion, mostly three of them: gnomes, ghouls and brontoks. Gnomes are not particularly deadly, but they're annoying as hell, because the whole island is swarming with them, and they always attack in groups of four or more (the largest I remember had about twelve). Ghouls, now they are a pain in the ass. Not only are they very fast, but I think they also have a high resistance to magic and piercing damage. They hit hard and have a special attack - if you block their attacks, they cast a kind of ice burst that breaks your block and takes down a lot of HP. And brontoks… they look a bit like armoured buffalos, and these are especially annoying to melee fighters, because they're the only monsters in game that can cause ‘stunlocks', since each of their attacks breaks your block/knocks you back, and they can chain up to 4 such attacks. Moreover, they can parry your hits.
More information.
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December 14th, 2009, 17:11
Strange, I would not have picked the same monsters.

Ghouls yes, but brontoks, you only meet a handful of them and they arent difficult opponents. Gnomes. They are really dangerous perhaps once or twice.

Boars(early game), lizardmen and ghoul… those are the three creatures I actually *hated*.
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December 15th, 2009, 01:55
I think I was able to kill every Brontok I met from a distance with no trouble. Ghouls and Lizards were among the toughest.
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December 15th, 2009, 11:50
Brontoks are actually very tough if go about it the wrong way. Well, they're more annoying than tough I suppose, as they tend to attack somewhat randomly in melee. Rather frustrating.
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