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January 8th, 2010, 03:50
Originally Posted by human_male View Post
Hiya. I'm a hardcore single player role player but I'm out of single player games to play at them moment. So I was thinking about trying out an MMO for the first time and I wondered if you guys would recommend something for me. I have a fairly old computer (it was pretty grunty when Oblivion came out but it hasn't been upgraded since), I don't have any friends so it would have to be something that is amenable to solo play (you don't need to be in a group), perhaps something that's not the most popular (and populated) game because I don't want to stand in line to do quests and things, and something that has a free domo period so I can try it out before paying.

Or perhaps even an MMO that can be played offline, if such a thing exists. "Why would you want to play an MMO offline?" You ask. "What the hell kind of sick weirdo are you?" Well I would rather play by myself as I said, but I've run out of things to play. For some reason the last time I asked that on a forum someone got very upset with me.

I've been looking at Age of Conan - Hyborian Adventures because I can get it pretty cheaply and it's mature but it looks quite arcady and I'm not sure if my machine will be able to handle it.

Thanks very much indeed.

Win XP
Athlon 64X2 dual core 4600+
Geforce 7800GTX
2 gigs RAM
Yeah, you can easily play Ryzom with those computer specs. I think that you would be able to get along just fine playing alone. I go solo for the majority of my gaming on Ryzom and it makes the game a lot more challenging. You'd have a lot of fun, I bet.
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