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March 20th, 2010, 13:45
It is difficult to explain Dez, there are some anomalies which no other but PB themselves can answer and i have long forgotten the script quest instruction given by the old man hidden in G1.
Many forum posts on gothic series topics stray over the concept boundaries of each game when really they should keep them separated because in G1 at the time of release there was no parallel to compare, there were no other gothics, the storyline was wholely complete in itself - the redemption method was through Xardas himself - most gamers unfortunately yet understandably do not believe this.
It would have to be explained how the chromanin quest is solved and how it is actually the hidden core concept of G1 and the redemption solution after which the gods become appeased and no longer forsaken.
I, alone and personally can see why PB could not take a hidden solution and carry it over into the next game G2, Indeed the undead dragon concept is a kind of diversive concept. This is why PB had to recreate and revisit the original G1 concept yet again, to get it into our thick skulls what we must do to solve the game's intended solution - this was the aim of G3 as once briefly explained by KaiRo.
In G1 the transform to demon spell is given to nameless hero from the gods as a gift after opening the portal which is hidden on top of the monastery platform accessed through a fading door in the hexagon tower, then opening a chest on which at least two demons are spawned and attack NH with lightning spells. Remember In G3 Rhobar says use the power of thine enemy to defeat thine enemy, which is exactly what is needed in G1 but no known player as ever achieved this (except me of course) you would then go on to defeat the demons in the orc underground temple with our nameless hero transformed as a demon. Now to see how PB has to steer around this in G2 is obvious and then *only on reflection* as it seems no gamer can solve the riddle, you can see the difficulty as you mention with the undead dragon? it is in someways a parallel ideology but with no gods "apparently" being actually forsaken as such? - PB said forget the previous gothics when playing G3 as its a different game, yet for confusion they put in Gorn, Diego, Milten and Lester and even referrence to the undead dragon but for no logical separated storyline reason. In G3's equivalent solution you would somehow have enter through the Xardas portal and there would have to be a similar occurance as in G1 - not sure? For Spellbound/Jowood/Trine or whatever to give the title "Forsaken Gods" would at first suggests that *on reflection* somewhere built into G3 is yet another redemption method - after all, FG is a G3 add-on.
The only way to proving all of this would be to play G1 again and try as hard as possible to solve the riddle. I grew tired of playing over and over - i played long and hard for over five years to try to re-enable the quest, it was all for you gothic gaming guys to be able see the beauty of the G1 game which we have all lost.
Maybe more help from the forums could have helped but alas, even the 'experts' were confused and very understandably could not grasp the core concept requirement, which is of course still there waiting in everyones G1 game. When you consider this 'brilliance' and then see the messed up storyline that comes as' Forsaken gods' you begin to realise the sadness of gaming beauty lost. Though I retain most of the secrets, how to get there, what it does, how it is enabled etc' - i have vowed in principle never to play the game again.
My sincere gratitude goes to PB for giving us this excellent and as yet unsolvable rpg theme. It sits quietly and untouched in its rightful place, the shining star at the top of the gaming tree.

PS:- (for obvious reasons it is difficult to discuss the chromanin subject without any proof)
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April 23rd, 2010, 10:22
Gothic III is what killed the series for me. It's virtually unplayable for me which is sad since I enjoyed Gothic 3 so much after the patch. It was like Ultima 9. The bugs made it so unplayable I wanted to cry every-time I got the urge to play it. I would love Gothic 4 to be on steam and would also buy FG just because I love Gothic 3. I'm hoping the community can do with expansion what they did for the original.
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April 24th, 2010, 07:38
I remember spending quite a few hours if not days played trying to get to the point you describe Wulf. If I remember right we even had a group on RPGDot dedicated to trying to re-enact the mystery of Chromanin - even though there isn't much indication it ever exsisted other than the story you just said.
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April 24th, 2010, 14:13
Hey there Merc' - nice to see you again, hope life is being good to you - best regards and a big thankyou for your participation back then.

Yes, it was extremely difficult to discuss at the time, we came to a dead-end. After we disbanded i learned much on the subject, the reasoning and the methodology…and the way to enable the quest! - the solution is somewhat very simple yet infinitely delicate, it is balanced on a knife-edge, one wrong move or wrong word and its gone without knowing - beautiful- no other game in the world of gaming can come even close to G1 because of this, a major game that has 'deceived' everyone - all that is needed now is to play the game one more time - it would be a totally engrossing experience - the ultimate gaming climax - though i could it would require absolute and total mind bending concentration, more than ever before.
What a wasted opportunity Forsaken gods was, a logical and reasonable tack would have been for Jowood/Spellbound to hire PB to develop FG on a sub-commission basis. At least the fan following would have been satisfied and coherently primed for Arcania:G4, the best outcome for all gamers?
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April 29th, 2010, 16:21
I personally thought it was a myth back then, and still do, on par with the "swamp witch".

I'm probably around 50ish playthroughs of G1 (give or take a few), and while that's certainly no record, it should be enough to at least give me an indication that there's something hidden present.

Similar to the 12 vs 13 mage discussion we had long ago. As far as I'm concerned, they made a simple counting error by including Milton as the 6th fire magician in the camp, and then wrote him in as a criminal that actually joined Corristo after the barrier was created. There were only 12 making the barrier, not 13 the way Saturas and the intro refers to it. Bottom line: There is no 13th magician.

Regarding FG - I still haven't played it. The Gothic series ended with G3 to me, which I've always considered a great game.
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May 21st, 2010, 17:36
Uh what is this all about? I'm still trying to decide if Wulf is telling something interesting here or is merely high (on dope or Gothic, I don't know ). "infinitely delicate" and "I alone and personally" suggest the latter. I sure can't make sense of you, sir…
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May 21st, 2010, 20:49
Heh, fun subject. Try this as a starting point.


I don't believe a word of it. For those of you with long memories, people have been coming out with this sort of crap since they said Jet Set Willy could wait until midnight on the Yacht and catch a boat to a mythical "tropical island".
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July 6th, 2010, 07:39
Can anyone say "Secret Cow Level" in Diablo 1… heh

There truly are some gullibles out there,
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