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November 10th, 2010, 08:23
I haven't seen too much on this and thought I would add some info here about how it's done. Even though she doesn't have dialog, she makes a pretty good companion story wise, since according to dialog she interested in the PC (male or female) intimately. Plus she likes to get drunk and dance on the roof, sort of makes a woman irresistible.

I am using Sexy OC Reloaded, so lock your children in the closest before clicking on the link. The Warlock outfit can probably cause permanent heterosexuality in males and bisexuality in females. Very dangerous. The PC and Amine about to pick up a Barrel headed Dwarf.

Since you can't use the Roster Editor to just add Amie back in (as you can with Shandra), you have to keep Amie alive. Basically you have to do a Fence Jump, with Save/Load. It has to be the PC, Bevil or Amie (can't be a Pet) that makes it over the fence. It's best to turn on DebugMode 1, so you can see the Yellow Triggers on the ground, you have to AVOID them. Triggers work by Ground Clicking to move your characters, so don't use the Mouse to move. When your in areas you can't seem to click on without getting a Trigger Icon, use the Keyboard.

You will have to sacrifice one of the brothers (Wyl I think, sadly it's the nicest one iirc) to Save Amie, sorry there is no other way. Best case you only lose Wyl (50xp and 1 good/evil alignment adjustment). Unless we can find a Kind Scripter with some free time on their hands (I would remove all triggers for the scene with Tarmas completely).

Afaik you will NEVER be able to walk in that Trigger area/zone during this first part of the game. So this means if your the type that likes to do as much as possible you need to talk to the first Mossfield (1/5) before the bridge. Avoiding the Triggers, get the guy to the left after you cross the bridge (2/5).

Go in the house, get the next guy (3/5). Then the only two other things you can do here are get the Barrel behind the houses and the Wagon. That's it, unless you want to try to get into Tarmas's house. It's possible but might take a couple of attempts, since zoning back outside after looting his house could cause the Trigger. You can move by using the Keyboard, staying close to the side of his house.

Tell everyone to Stand There Ground and Hard Save. Just to be safe you will need two Hard Saves spaces till you get to Weeping Willow. Get your PC (saves are based on the standing position of the PC, not any character your are controlling, afaik) up to the Fence on the right, just after you cross the bridge. This activates the Enemies near you so they can be killed by the NPCs.

QuickSave your game, once the fighting stops. Load and one of your team should be on the other side of the fence. This also works on the Fence near Tarmas's door, but harder to get there without setting off a Trigger. Take control of the Fence Hopper, moving by using the Keyboard (you'll see why) help the three NPCs kill off any remaining Enemies near the house.
DON'T talk to Georg yet.

the PC is automatically Teleported when you talk to the NPC to Rally the Troops (might be two updates here) (4/5) (possibly 5/5). Save/Load then the whole team is there. Now you just need to finish all the parts here, before activating Georg for the final attacks and Bevil's house. You can talk to the Gray Dwarf and Heal any Militia (not sure it's necessary, all deaths might be scripted) waiting who will be fighting in the final battles. There also is one more person to be Heal/Saved and a Wagon near the house (where Mrs Starling will stand after all the fighting is done.)

Once you have completed the final fight, an Unusual Icon will replace Amie's and she is no longer in the party, this IS normal. I avoided talking to Tarmas to sell anything for fear of a Crash to Desktop. I just gave myself a Bag of Holding, since this was my first attempt to Save Amie. I will probably try talking to Tarmas next time, after making a Save.

Once you zone into the Ruins you should be able to make a Save, then Load with Amie back in your group. Worst case, wait until you enter the crypt to Save and Load. Once you get back to the Village, I noticed Tarmas was WAY back in the center where his script would fire. DON'T go try to talk to him, Save first if you feel you have to try. Otherwise proceed as you normally do here, whether you choose to talk to everyone or just leave.

Good Luck.
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