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Default Two Worlds II: Pirates of the Flying Fortress released

October 22nd, 2011, 08:39
Where I was getting the jealous from is from the interviews from the first game. They constantly compared themselves very favorably to Bethesda and then their game wasn't nearly as good or popular. Here's one of many articles where the president of Zuxxez compares to two games:

Zuxxez big cheese Dirk Hassinger believes Two Worlds is a more complex and in-depth game than main rival Oblivion. He told Eurogamer in an exclusive interview that despite obvious similarities between the two titles, his has much more going on under the surface, and has improved upon Bethesda’s creation in nearly every area. "Two Worlds may seem to be in the Oblivion template, but the two games are very different once you get beyond the surface," Hassinger told Eurogamer. "Two Worlds offers a more focused, grittier experience and a lot of correlating features are deeper in Two Worlds." "Our inventory system is smarter, our magic system is much more complex and even the way we handle horses has more depth. Beyond those game mechanics, we have a much more complex society, with many more factions working within it. On top of that, our overarching storyline is a touch darker and more involved. That’s not to say that Oblivion is a worse game, just that Two Worlds has more ’meat’." Two Worlds is a free-roaming and sprawling role-playing game that preaches freedom of choice in your actions. If you wanted to nudge a horse over a cliff-edge rather than save the world, then so be it.

I'd say he mentioned Bethesda in almost every interview he did and so did his employees. I got tired of reading it, especially after the game came out and it was tiny compared to TES, unless you added in the multiplayer maps.

Back to PotFF:

As far as the game, I liked parts of it. I thought the chest chase was cool. I liked the twist on Billy's story. I like Lora and James and the conjoining quests. It was the trip down memory lane that I felt was a combat-fest for no reason other than to pad the time it took to finish. I almost never like high-level add-ons though, so I'm predisposed to take points off anything where the beginning character level is 42. In fact, the weakest part of the game in my opinion, was the "Flying Fortress". I could have done without Nanook completely. Bottom line? I loved both games of Two Worlds, completing each. I wasn't impressed with this add-on but would buy the next one for sure, if it plays at a lower level. Let's leave God-boy behind and play someone else
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January 8th, 2014, 09:11
when playing pirates of the flying fortress the game locks up at random times..any help would be great thanks…
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