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November 10th, 2011, 19:09

Artist, that killer, that devil, he has slain my family. All but my daughter and myself remain. Tonight he shall think that he is to finish them off for money. Tonight he dies by my hand. My name is Hiram, the Lord has guided me in his warm light and commanded me to end the sinner's life. Odaline, you shall rest in peace, as will my two boys.

Oh Faye, seeing the full moon with you is glorious. It's a shame he won't let me see you unless I pay up, I have to kill again, please, wait for me, until I come. Then we shall watch another full moon rise and set. I have a new employer it seems, I'd imagine he wants Hiram and the child dead. This would be easily done, by nightfall even. Perhaps I may see my sisters face again yet.

Duel is my swing at story boarding, that is, planning the whole shebang out, how much the player will know, and above all to make sure there are twists and turns. Roller coaster narrative is the name of the game here and within just the first ten minutes of Duel you will be driven through a variety of scenes of different tones. You'll experience the combat styles of two characters, Hiram, and Artist (that's his alias by the way).

The gameplay of Duel involves making every fight unique in how it can be beaten or how it can be approached. You'll have battle choices to have high-risk maneuvers for high-gain outcomes. There is also pre-battle choices that can alter how the battle even plays out, if at all. While you have little control over the story, there is replay value through how many unique fights you may encounter. There is no leveling in Duel but your two characters will learn new skills as the story demands.


*Currently 30 minutes of gameplay, with replay value already.

*Every battle is unique, from how it works, to how it is played. Hitting attack over and over is not the name of the game and your skill points are limited.

*A story involving the "Duel" of two men, rolling through on a coaster ride full of highs and lows. The battles do not just involve the two either.

*Play with two unique gameplay styles. Hiram has two skills sets to swap between, some skills may buff up the other set, so flip flop as you need to. Artist is more focused on debuffing and more strategic play.

*Battle choices and pre-battle choices may dramatically change the playing field. But do you take the risk of failure into the equation?

*Natural puzzles are to occur sometimes based on your choices. They are wholly natural, meaning in-world, "realistic" puzzles if you will. Blocking a door for example.

*Original OST made in an in-browser audio program, Myna


Bunch of YERD scripts used

BigEd's Ladder Fix script

BulletXt Light Effects script

This site for battlers: http://closet.konjiki.jp/m_hum.html

This site for emotional facesets: http://foryou.opal.ne.jp/sfog/material.html#material

Made in RPG Maker VX.

Warning: Contains language, sexual references, ideologically sensitive material, religious content, alcohol reference, drug reference, and usage of drugs.

Download the demo here: http://www.mediafire.com/?rn5let740c7g29m
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