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December 13th, 2011, 20:30
Fighting Fate is a new feature at IGN with Reckoning producer Sean Bean that offers his perspective on various elements of the game, such as:
Dungeon Design
Sean Bean: As we broke the world up into the different regions, we've given those to what we call narrative designers. A narrative designer will sit down and think what is the story of this area? Who are all of the NPCs? What are all of the things they could say at different stages of different quests? How do the quests inter-relate? And that goes as far as dungeons as well, so when they're thinking 'I've got this special item that I want to give away' or 'this group of people are going to be in some sort of underground den' they'll come up with a story for it, then work with our dungeon designers, and they'll map it out on graph paper or in drawing form and then they'll actually start constructing the dungeon.

They think about what would be really good at this point? This would be a good place for a fight. This would be a good place for a jump. Once they've passed this point, I want it so they're not able to come back. What's some of the set dressing that we can put here that would make this fit in with the story? This is compared to here are a bunch of dungeon parts, this feels like it would be a good track for a dungeon to follow, and then filling it with content. We go the other way around.
…while Joystiq has a preview with a focus on loot:
I found myself enjoying Reckoning, but on terms different and distinct from the ones that EA and 38 are using to sell the game. And then I started finding loot, and realized that Reckoning could become a problem -- as in drugs.

Reckoning's loot system hearkens back to Diablo II, and that's a very good thing. There are so many different types, including uncommons, rares, uniques, and sets, and there's a well-developed socketing system in place. There are rings and amulets and … I'm getting all wistful just thinking about it. These choices in equipment are reflected in your character's appearance, which is great, but more importantly there's a feel and utility to the gear in Reckoning that just scratch that itch, if you know what I mean.

I spent time comparing items and doing the hard math as to what would better suit my playstyle, or what weapon would be useful against the elemental attributes of the enemies I was facing. Because you have access to a primary and off-handed weapon separately, rather than a fast and strong attack, you can prepare yourself for more eventualities -- but you've also got twice as many decisions to make about the weapons you're using. And every character class in Reckoning has a variety of weapon types they're particularly adept with.
More information.
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December 13th, 2011, 20:30
Haha, nice written piece, fun to read

Loot galore ftw!
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