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January 9th, 2012, 20:16
Somehow, the story felt much more… let's say, Cthulhu-esk before the ME3 trailer. The reapers felt much more dangerous when I still thought they would never arrive, because your job is to prevent that. When it was "If they ever arrive, it's over." the danger sounded much bigger. Now, they are here, so it's clear that they can be killed by finding plot device "0815" or assembling enough allies or whatever, which, imho, kills much of the flair.
It has simply gone from a nice Cthulhu Mythos-like plot to a typical "fight big monsters" kind of plot.
Personally, I even don't mind the multiplayer (playing toegether with my better half would be nice), but the reason why I am nervous is, that the finale of the whole thing will not be nearly as good as it should be. I really asked myself, how the hell they would really end this thing without making the ending sound lame. But now, I fear, that they won't.
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January 10th, 2012, 11:16
Originally Posted by Fluent View Post
Mass Effect was good, but I still got bored 30 hours into it and never returned. It got tedious searching every planet in the game looking for sidequests (my compulsive nature wouldn't allow me to miss any), and frustrating trying to remember which planets you've searched already and which you haven't. It got to the point where I just said screw it! and quit. But the game wasn't bad. For the most part it was interesting. I just get bored easily.
This is where your compulsive or completist nature bit you in the ass. Mass Effect's planetary exploration wasn't particularly good or interesting. You should have tried to just say "screw it" to the side-quests and stick to the main quest.

On the other hand, exploring The Citadel was really fun and atmospheric.

Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
For me to be nervous, I'd have to be in a position where I could lose something.
Yes! This! I don't even have Mass Effect 3 in my hand yet. I suppose I could have my expectations crushed, but I don't really have much expectations, except that the story will get an ending. So many people get angry at whatever game dev decision for doing something they do not like, as if they are somehow affected negatively by something that does not even yet exist (i.e. something they do want).

I could live without Mass Effect 3 and not lose anything, although I do look forward to ending the story.
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January 10th, 2012, 14:32
I'm not nervous at all. I know I'll enjoy it quite a bit, but not as much as ME1. Probably around ME2, hopefully slightly more.

Anything else would surprise me a lot.
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