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Default ME3 sales in US hit 1.3 million in lauch month

April 19th, 2012, 04:02
Originally Posted by Zygo View Post
1.6 million copies sold through all formats inc digital in 3 months.
It should be noted (and underlined) that this figure includes sales data from Europe while the ME3 figure is just for North America.

Originally Posted by purpleblob
I haven't played ME3 so I can't comment on it personally, but maybe people felt that ME3 didn't have much improvements compared to 2 previous games?
Most of the people I've talked to think that ME3 was a vast improvement over ME2, but I could move in different circles to other people *shrugs*. However the only criticism I've heard for ME3 is "the ending sucks cause there's no choices etc", whereas for ME2 you had "this is a straight shooter, and the scanning system is a punishment from God" and for ME1 it was "there's whole segments of the game that's broken… and what's with the shitty mako?".

ME3 improved on ME2 by adding back in some of the rpg elements they had removed, a very welcome addition imo.
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April 19th, 2012, 05:14
I wonder if Skyrim's success caught Bethesda off guard and they decided to go full expansion or significantly increase the size of their upcoming DLCs?
Well Todd had said a while back before the game was released that they were going to shoot for DLC being between Shivering Isles and Point Lookout in terms of "size" and more recently that "size" could mean more mechanics in addition to places, people, things to do. If anything cought them off guard, it might be how well it sold on all three platforms (I suspect they predicted the Xbox 360 version would dominated sales even more than it did.) The principle reason I suggest that is because they had signed an agreement that means that DLC will be released 30 days sooner for the Xbox 360 than other platforms. The second reason I think this is that they have released a greater density (fixes per work week) of PC specific bugfixes than I think they have with any of their other recent games. This suggests to me that the PC sales warranted a greater post-launch support budget in proportion to its pre-launch platform-specific quality assurance budget. That's just speculation on my part though.
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April 20th, 2012, 00:36
Originally Posted by Gaxkang View Post
Thanks - good find. Are you sure about the "in a third the time" bit, though?
Not absolutely, no, though it is very likely. It is a quarterly report so I'm assuming the figures were for the full release quarter for ME2, EA really ought to specify if they were not.

Maybe ME2 also started off with a burst. Also, ME2 was missing PS3 at launch.
ME2 started with a burst, certainly. I'd still reckon the third of the time is probably accurate even including later PS3 sales, the ratio for ME3 sales was 4:1 in the favour of 360 so taking that as a guide it's still likely to end up less than 1.3 M on NPD implies for worldwide sales.

120k sales for ME3PC retail too for whoever was asking. 1.3 M all formats (ex DD) vs 1.18 for PS360, since both sets of figures have been releases. That would suggest maybe as much as 500k total on PC, assuming (a big assumption this time) USPC retail represents about 1/4 of the total PC market inc RoW and DD.
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