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Default DAO, how to get the good side ending Bioware stole.

January 31st, 2012, 15:42
I felt cheated by Bioware, because I had the impression that they wanted to spoil my "good outcome experience" definitively. My impression was that I SHOULD NOT have a positive feeling of the game like "the world is saved again".

They did - in my opinion - everything to mix a slight poson or a bitter taste into everything, so that I just couldn't rejoice or have a good feeling with this game.
I think that the developer wanted to show you that no matter how hard you try, you can't always get the best/perfect result. That's something I like very much because it makes the game realistic, believable and mature. It was one of the prominent reasons that made games like The Witcher 1/2, Tactics Ogre, DA:O, Arcanum and … so enjoyable for me.

And I am quite satisfied with the [first] ending that I got in DA:O.
As a human noble, I talked Anora into marrying me. I was to be the king, mostly because neither Anora nor Alistair would make a great ruler. Alistair was a fool and Anora was a dictator.
I refused Morrigan because I did not want to bring a demon into this world.
In the end, when I learnt about the great sacrifice that had to be made, I could not let Alistair sacrifice himself, because although he was a fool, he was my [character's] friend. I killed the Archdemon myself and got the ultimate sacrifice ending, Anora became the queen and Alistair ceased his claim to the throne. I would have done otherwise and supported Alistair instead, only if I was aware of the sacrifice before the lands-meet, but in the end I got the best result (and not the perfect result) based on the information that my character had in the lands-meet and my (his) available options at the lands-meet and after the final battle, and even though it was a very bitter ending, the feeling of realism and real choice-consequence made it a very satisfying ending for me.
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April 25th, 2012, 03:39
I really don't dislike the existing endings. At this point, though, I'll take anything over the Mass Effect 3 endings.
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