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Default How to fix crappy/missing Audio (English GG version)?

April 10th, 2011, 14:35

First of all, I have been spending considerable time reviewing sites about this game regarding the missing audio in the Gamersgate 1.1 version of the game. I have no problem with a game with Russian audio and am fine with English subtitles! However, the Gamersgate version has a ton of missing audio, sounds that stop working and later work again, etc.

I've followed the directions in here about getting this fixed but no one here posting fix/solutions has a brain.

Instead, there are posts like "yo like get deez files and put dem in da directory file called diz"—-nevermind the files are the same and will just overwrite each other because the bumpkin that posted the "solution" hasn't any real clue.

And then,"yo G like git diz prog called grzxcvunpacker and it like DUZ somethin' u just clikz on da one thing and u are like set u know what im sayin'?"—-when it turns out there are actually more steps involved

Lastly, the "hey d00dz dis game r0xx i gave it a sc0re of 11 out of 10 on da sitez!" is totally FAIL given how utterly BOTCHED this game is. Battlecruiser 3000.a.d is more stable and fuctional than this piece of arse.

I also like how some of the "downloadz dis audio file!" people put conflicting install/extract info their posts and readme's. "put in precursors folder" and "put in precursors/packages" then "put in yer game packages/sound foldur" or "put in packages foelder but if u dont likez afterall n wunt to remove delete sound/music" (seriousl wtf?) — crack smokers!

If this game's issues are truly fixable, then please post the fixes and include every step using your homo sapien brain.

Thanks in advance,
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April 10th, 2011, 15:39
Instead of offending people who are trying to help you maybe you should slowly go through the instructions again and do it properly. I just used the posted audio fix on the GG 1.1 version the day before yesterday and it worked fine.

I could post some clearer simpleton instructions I guess, but I won't because you're such an asshole.
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April 10th, 2011, 21:28
You must be the one smoking crack because I didn't seen anything like what you are describing. I dowloaded the (large 2 part) rar file from the link, excracted gf_sounds.grp (which is over twice as large as the GG version) and main.fat. Backed up the old files an moved the new ones into the packages dir. Wow…that was tough.

There are some separate other things like the extended space music that goes into the sounds folder but I think that'll go over your head so I'll leave it at that.

There was some confusion on the order of doing things and when to install Wesp5's unofficial patch but if you read the post it clears itself up, and isn't even needed with 1.1. Never once did I notice any "hey doodz" or "yo G's" So like DrNarrative said, quit being a hyperbolic a-hole and maybe people will help you out more
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August 23rd, 2012, 04:55
you're a bit of a plum.
in the nicest possible way!
i never thought i be this old!
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