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Default The 6th druid Stone

August 22nd, 2012, 18:23
I believe i have found the sixth stone, though i don't actually recall where exactly i got it, i think i picked it up at some point near silden, its the stone of the lizard, So i have the stones of the ripper, the lizard, the snapper, and i'm not far enough to get the others, or i just passed them
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August 23rd, 2012, 12:43
Major thread necro.
But it did allow me to find this intriguing thread. I never got far enough into G3 to run into the White Ripper… I assume all of this still holds up in CP 1.75?

You are playing a regular CP 1.75 install, Ramenking? No QP or any other mod installed?
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August 27th, 2012, 13:48
When this thread was started back in 2006, there was no lizard stone found by any G3 gamer although the source code was in the data files. The stone was made accessible in a subsequent patch. Other than the satisfaction of having the complete set of six stones as stated in the game, there is no consequentially confirmed game-play reason as to why.

As per the OP, the quest is to find and kill the white ripper, which by grammatical contradiction happens to be a wolf, not a ripperbeast. At a later stage in the game usually while searching for Larson, we see Bogir being attacked by a ripperbeast which is actually a white ripperbeast. Therefore storyline logic assumes to let the white ripperbeast kill Bogir which will fulfil Bogir's wish, which you NH, have mutually agreed to carry out. So it could be respectfully wrong (morally, per god Adanos alignment) to kill the white ripperbeast *after* the deed. An easily mistaken simple twist of fate.

The game concept theoretics beyond this point become somewhat hazy. It would seem that wolves are strategically placed in the game for a purposeful function - some examples amongst others ->

1. the stray wolves of Montera (75% rep' for orc area access - if not completed)

2. the hungry wolves in Cape dun (75% rep' for orc area access - if not completed)

3. the silver wolves outside Silden (75% rep' for orc area access - if not completed)

…these quests are given by orc mercenaries, aligned to the orcs.

To the experience G3 gamer, observing this pattern might be an obvious direction why not to kill these questionable purposeful wolves which the orcs are so frightened of (and before any liberations) - some strong spatial gaming imagination needs to be applied as to point towards the game solution.

The power of the white ripper (when transposed by NH) is said by Bogir to be stronger, faster, more powerful than all other wolves - a kind of leader of the wolves - a direct divine gift from Adanos and used to solve the conflict of the gods - the ultimate goal - but how?
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