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August 29th, 2012, 17:07
RPG Italia caught up with Dejan from Stygian Software about Underrail:
9 RPGItalia: Will there be only a main quest or also some side quests? And what kind of interactions can we try in this quests? Stealth? Hacking? Violence? Diplomacy? Please give us an example.
Dejan: There will be plenty of side quests.
Most quest you will be able to solve with violence, if you come prepared and well equipped, but sometimes a different approach can be better.
Here are the examples of what I did in the demo video outside of direct combat complete that area more easily:

- I avoided fighting with sentry bots by using stealth and the ventilation ducts. I could have just killed them, but they are very tough to beat, especially on lower levels. I would need stuff like armor-piercing rounds and EMP grenades, which are rare and expensive.
- I hacked the turrets to kill a good amount of invaders because I had enough skill points in hacking to do so.
- I deflected the initial (unfavorable) confrontation by intimidating the invaders, convincing them that I had backup.
- I could have avoided fighting completely if I managed to persuade one of the captives to tell me where the key card I needed for was.
These are the kind of thing you will be able to do to win encounters that otherwise might be too hard for your particular character build to face head on.
More information.
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August 29th, 2012, 17:07
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