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January 18th, 2013, 11:04
I am currently playing League of Legends. I find it to be a decent game except for the fact that it tends to lag quite a bit. Still, I try to get over that and play with my friends.

Most of them have decided to go back to the PS3 but I want to convince them to come back. I tried to write and see if I could convince them. It's something simple. What do you think?

League of Budgets

Well Iíve had my fair share of problems having to keep updating my PC to keep up with the increasing demands of todayís games. Is Modern Warfare running too slowly? Guess the RAM needs to be upgraded. Well the game appears pixilated too. Better get the graphics card changed as well. This tends to add up costs quickly. Not a great thing for a regular gamer like me.

If you arenít up to the task of having to keep updating your PCís parts and spending too many hard earned dollars for it, then give League of Legends a chance. Thatís what I discovered when I tested it on my computer. My last change of parts was back in 2009 and I havenít had the money nor the time to spend on this old hunk of junk. So I considered my options: spend a fortune for to play a game right now or find a game that doesnít take a big requirement from my computer but is enjoyable just the same. I took the latter.

Filled with strategy and tactics, there is almost an infinite combination of possibilities with a whole bunch of characters. Itís difficult not to play a string of consecutive games in one sitting. Youíve probably heard of it already. Itís called ďLeague of LegendsĒ or LoL for short. This is the shit. Every gamer most likely knows what itís about.

<Get into the game for babes like her>

It really takes a basic computer to be able to play this. My 2009 Intel powered clunker can still take play this game in medium to high graphics. Just make sure your computer has a 2GHz CPU, 1GB of RAM and a GeForce 8800 video card or any other similar one. Even grandmaís computer can run this given a chance.

<Just donít try your luck with something this old. Youíre just asking for it>

These days, computer games are getting more complex and require you to study them in order to get the hang of it. This is not the case with LoL. I was breezing through the tutorials that are intended as introductions to the game. No need to guess your way throughout the game another. Trust me, itís basically cakewalk to finish these quests. Just follow the cue markers and youíre all set.

<Little Tricia is about to PWN your ass>

What makes the game enticing is that League of Legends needs you to incorporate strategies and tactics. I played rush on full attack mode and quickly died. So that ISNíT the way to go here. Playing with your team is necessary to win the game. This isnít a solo mission. This is about a team that lives and dies together. Itís better to talk to your teammates and let them know whatís happening on the map. If you want to play a solo game then this isnít something you should be playing. Go enjoy a console game instead. When you play League of Legends, you better get ready to play as a team or die as an individual. Do you get what Iím saying buddy? No heroics.

<This is no solo mission! Wanna go solo? Use a console>

Take this opportunity to revel in the game by befriending other players. Itís a much more fun experience when you get to play with others. Also, why not invite your other friends to join you in the ďLeagueĒ. Thatís what I did and boy has it paid off. Iím playing better knowing that my friends have my back and I have theirs. Remember that itís all about strategy, tactics, and friendship. So go ahead and play the game. As for me, itís time to get the old clunker up and running for another 5 on 5 match-up.

<The game is more enjoyable when you play with friends. Wish I had friends these hot though>
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January 18th, 2013, 11:42
Nice presentation.
If only I had enough time to support your ranged with Lux and pwn again…
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