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Default Need a new printer/copier.

October 16th, 2013, 07:10
So my HP Officejet J4680 had an um… unfortunate accident.

I don't really keep up to date on printer tech. I just need a decent printer with a scanner/copier. Any suggestions?
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October 16th, 2013, 13:30
My HP had an "unfortunate accident" after I got pissed off with Skyrim bugs and the keyboard felt too pathetic to cure the feeling.

Still haven't bought a new printer, but it'll be HP again for sure, it was reliable and did the job perfectly unlike some can't remember the exact model Epson which after about a year of use stopped recognizing it's original ink!
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October 20th, 2013, 14:39
I have a laser thing now, simply, because my last printers were so seldom used their print heads became congested after a while. A laser - albeit much, much more expensive - doesn't have this problem.

I have an Philips LFF6020/EU (according to the sticker) here, it's expensive, but good as well.
The only real negative side is that it can only scan documents good, not objects lying on the scanner. Those get blurred very much. My former used scanner (an Agfa scanner) could do that. No problems.

Beware of the costs of the ink or the toner as well ! They can increase the TCO vastly !
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October 20th, 2013, 18:40
I agree with Alrik with regards to buying a laser printer than any sort of inkjet unless you really need it. Then buy a dedicated scanner. Not quite as convenient but probably more reliable.

I bought my Brother HL-1440 printer like nearly a decade ago and I still use the same toner cartridge that came with it and it works great. I dont print a lot but it has never failed me unlike the inkjets my relatives buy. I also bought an all-in-one epson scanner/copier/fax/… thing 4 or so years ago and can only use it for scanning these days as the ink dried up and would have to buy more ink for it.
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October 20th, 2013, 19:57
@joxer you even managed to bash skyrim in a printer thread, bravo.

As for the printer I would also recommend a laser printer. They are not nearly as expensive as they used to be, toners last much longer than ink cartridges and at least in my expierence they have much fewer technical issues.

I have the brother cdw9840 all in one. It has flatbed and feed scanner and double sided printing. It's an older model so I'm sure they have better ones by now. It's been rock solid.

It is a big printer though so if size is a consideration it might not be for you.
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October 21st, 2013, 11:04
I actually work with printers - so I guess I should know something about them. Can't say I'm an expert on the hardware, though, as I'm more of a printserver admin.

But, it's been my experience that HP is a very reliable brand. I'd recommend one of their smaller MFPs, whichever is the most recent. If you can afford it, I'd definitely consider laser over ink - but they're typically quite a bit more expensive.




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October 23rd, 2013, 06:57
Thanks for all the suggestions.

There aren't a lot of decent retailers close to where I live, and I wasn't about to drive out of my way for it. I just needed something that will do a good job of printing documents and the occasional picture. Nothing high-volume and speed isn't a priority.

I ended up purchasing an HP Photosmart 6525 which seems to fall somewhere in the middle of their "home premium" lineup. It has the typical built-in scanner/copier and can do double-sided printing as well.

Out of the 3 retailers I visited, the only laser printer I saw was a Brother model which also had a scanner/copier, but that appeared to be monochrome.
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