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November 6th, 2013, 05:48

SAMARA, RUSSIA - September 16th 2013 - indie studio MONO and it’s international developers team are announcing a kickstarter for its upcoming InSomnia Online Project. The Kickstarter for this project will be launched October 1st 2013 furthermore you can find out more details on the facebook page listed below.

The game takes place on an enormous, half-deserted Space Station that is slowly making its way toward an elusive Evacuation Point. The station is inhabited by the Descendants of the Nomans, a people who escaped their home planet several centuries earlier when it had become uninhabitable due to a cataclysmic conflict between the Republic of Noma and the SORG Regime.

As the game progresses the complex system will come into play which will provide both static and generated locations to interact with. This unique system brings more experiences to the player where anything can happen. Randomly generated events and missions, as well as a carefully crafted artificial intelligence for NPC’s and environmental objects that will provide a large field of activity for the player. Its authentic stylistics emerged at the interface of genres such as: noire, retro-futurism, diesel-punk, postapocalypsis.

"InSomnia - is a Real-Time, tactical, online RPG with unique game mechanics and
elaborate universe."

Developer: studio MONO
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Insomniathegame

The kickstarter click here for the kickstarter!
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