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Default [AD]AstroMu Is comming back [S6ep3;Low;Custom Drop;Spots balanced etc]

February 5th, 2014, 13:06
We invite you to play for our new MuOnline Server , S6EP3 ! Fresh DB started (01:03:2014) ! We give you some informations and if you look interesting we wait you on our server.So we wish you all bests and see you online !

P.S:Now is online beta version,with 300xp and 500xML,you download and register on the links below.we wait you online now,maybe you can
help us to make a stable version with no problems.

General Information

Server Name:AstroTM MuOnline
Server Version6EP3
Server Xp:20x/Low
Master Xp:2x
Max Master LvL:300
Drop Custom
Max Stats:32767
Reset LvL:400
Point Start & Zen : 100 & 300 000
Points per lvl : 5/7
Monster HP : Custom
Soul Rate & Soul Luck Rate:50% 75%
PK Clear : 10 000 000
RR : 100 000 000
Bless Bugff
Char:7 Characters
Char CreateW,DK,ELF,SUMM - lvl 1 ; MG - lvl 220 ; DL,RF - lvl 250
Gens System & Quests:Working
Agility Bug:No Bug
Max Soket per item: 3 soket
Max lvl empty sphere: 5
Lucky Ticket Available : Lvl 1;Lvl 2
Chaos Assembly & Symbol of Luck (lvl4 max) : Available
Tiny Wings Available
All events Working
Custom items (Ex 702): Available only CS reward
Spots balanced
BC Xp Increase
Chaos Machine +10 * +15 - 50% 45% 45% 45% 40% 35%
Lucky coin system - On (Best rewards)
New Jwl - Available
Party Boost Xp increase
D.C party member , party won't brake
Mace of king available
Ex 702 Weapons and sets available (only for kings of castle).

For more information please enter on our forum !

Rewards & Drop

Selupan (1/24 Hours) - 5 Pink Items
Medusa (1/24 Hours) - 3 380 Excelent Items & AA Weapons
Gayon (1/7 Days) - Weapons Fron +10 to +15 (Gobler Weapons,AA Weapons,380 Weapons)
Balgas - Gobler Weapons
Maya - Gobler Weapons & S2 Weapons
Maya Hands - S2 Sets & Weapons
Red Dragon Invasion - Rings & Pendants +7 - +9
Lucky Coins 10 20 30 - Pets,Lucky Tiket lvl 1,2;Chaos Assembly,Sphere lvl 4,DobleGoer inv,Tikets BC,DS,Kalima,IL,Tiny Wings and many staff.
BC - Purple Box (Drop Jwls,Pets,symbol of luck,chaos weapons)
DarkElf from balgass - Green box (Pets,symbol of luck,large complex potions)


Thx for choose AstroTm Muonline,and have fun !

Website: http://mu.astrotm.com
Downloads: http://mu.astrotm.com/?op=downloads
Forum : http://astrotm.com/forum
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