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Default Zodd The Immure - Kickstarter Cancelled

March 14th, 2014, 19:35
After nine days with no updates for Zodd The Immure the developer Abyss Studios have finally posted an update that announces the kickstarter is cancelled.

We are sad to say!

The Abyss Studios Team would like to thank everyone who has backed us so far. We were especially pleased to see interest from people outside the United States, including Hungary, Australia, Latvia, UK, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, and Japan. We wanted to let you know how grateful we are for your support for our first game ZODD THE IMMURE. At this point, it's clear that we will not manage to make our goal of $250,000 through this Kickstarter. Of course, if you don't make your goal, Kickstarter does not charge anyone or give any money to the project. We've gotten input from the gaming community that they love the idea, but doubt that a small studio like ours can make a game of this size. So very shortly we are going to cancel our Kickstarter campaign. This does not mean we are giving up on ZODD THE IMMURE. Instead, we are going to start building it with the aid of outside investment. As we build the game, we'll open a forum for updates and discussion. If you would like to be notified when our forum opens and ZODD THE IMMURE: First Contact is ready for release, please send your email address to [email protected]. And thanks again! It was really awesome to have your support!
More information.
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March 14th, 2014, 19:35
It wasn't the worse game idea in the world, but I think they were much too ambitious for a little known studio. If they scaled it way down and focused on one part of the scenario, provided some demonstration game play footage, and promoted it more, they might do better. Hard to say though.
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RPGWatch Forums » Comments » News Comments » Zodd The Immure - Kickstarter Cancelled
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