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Default Darkest Dungeon - Update# 15, $285k Reached

March 14th, 2014, 22:56
Darkest Dungeon has managed to reach the $285k and $300k stretch goals. The update I'm about to post below only talks about the $285k goal reached.

As of right now the game has made $310,484 of the $75,000 goal with 2 days left.

$285k Stretch Goal Unlocked! The Ancestor's Trinkets

What a day! Thanks to the (beginning of the) end rush, we've hit that new stretch goal already!

As a special thank-you to all of you who have contributed so much passion and support to our project, we wanted to add something a little extra into the game…

There are rumours of 6 precious heirloom trinkets, each a powerful and unique item, carried by your ancestor on his ill-fated expedition. (See "House of Ruin" trailer.) No one is sure what why he locked himself in his study for hours prior to departing for the unknown depths. He made no comment, save that his pack was laden with the last of his material wealth, and his most valued tools of Occult divination. Should you stumble across one of these relics, you'll instantly recognize it as being utterly unique and maddeningly powerful!

On the Horizon…

…is the $300k Character Color Customization goal. A little description on that is in order:

Personalization meets UI functionality in this stretch goal. Juggling multiple instances of a character class is made easier if you can quickly differentiate them at a glance. Additionally getting in and giving your favourite heroes a signature palette is a fun way to make them stand out!

As many of you have commented on, the color palette of Darkest Dungeon might be compromised if we introduced wild neon colors, but rest assured, the options will be appropriately themed. We'll provide a range of available options per hero, each hand-selected to ensure that the overall feel of the game isn't broken.

It will take a bit of art and programming coordination, but we think it will be a really nice addition to the game and allow you some more control over personalizing your party, and increase the UI transparency when your rosters get full.

Looks like we might hit that goal tomorrow! And beyond that, ever shuffling and bellowing, is…


More information.
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March 14th, 2014, 22:56
I just never found this KS remotely appealing, which I can say without remorse now that it is over. But good luck to them, nonetheless.
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