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Default Earthlock - Update# 14, $100K+ & New Tiers

April 6th, 2014, 19:04
Snowcastle Games has posted the next update for Earthlock: Festival of Magic that talks about reaching $100K, having 3000 backers, and mentions some new tiers.

$100K+ and 3000 backers strong, New Tiers, Amon's Brother and a mini interview with 'The Seed'

We have breached $100 000 and 3000 backers! We have said it before but we will say it as long as we can: You backers are amazing! Thank you so much for your continued support, help, and encouragement. We are getting ever closer to the goal and nearing the final stretch with 7 more days to go. With all of your help we can make this game be the best it absolutely can!

We wanted to introduce everyone to Amon's Brother (that is his name for now). This is actually Amon's original design, but as our story and world developed so did our main hero. This character will now be included as Amon's Brother an NPC in the story. He is holding what is called a magical plumpet. It is sort of a living spud which was a collectible in our previous game: Hogworld. He will be making a return in Earthlock as ammunition.

New Tiers and Reward Updates

Because we are closing in on the end of the campaign we have made a few reward adjustments.

New Tier:

We have added the BASIC ALPHA tier at $35 which contains the SUPPORTER TIER and an Invite to the Alpha testing. This is a tier for you who may not be that interested in neither the Art book, Comic Book or Soundtrack and just want as much game as possible.
The higher tiers do not include this new tier.

Lowered Tier Cost:

The MONSTER DESIGNER tier has been lowered to $400. This is your chance if you want to join us in creating a monster enemy for the game.

In-Game content adjustment:

1x DLC key for each copy of the game. If you choose any of the In-Game addons / rewards (Weapon, Vehicle Skin, Character Skins) you will receive one key for each copy of the game you pledge for.
If you are at the SUPPORTER tier and choose an extra game copy and In-Game content as an add-on you will receive 2x keys for the In-Game content. If you are at the EARTHLOCK SEQUELS tier which gives all In-Game content and 3x copies of the game you will get 3x keys for each of the In-Game content.
More information.
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April 6th, 2014, 19:04
Don't know if the KS authors will read this, but one tip I would recommend is always have enough early bird copies of the game to get you to the goal. I would back for an early bird but I'm not fussed enough to pay more.

Also what happened to $15 or less KS games? Paper Sorcerer is one of the best games I've backed and you got a copy for $3! Personally I upped this to $15 as I felt that was reasonable.

Once games get cheaper again I'll start throwing money at them, barring that I'll only back those that really interest me.

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