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April 26th, 2014, 07:22
Version: Season 6 Episode 3
Experience: 220x
Drop: 40%
PPL: 5/7/7 (Stats Clear After Reset: ELF,BK,SM,SUM - 600 Points / DL,MG,RF - 700 Points)
Cash Shop, Pcpoint Shop, Bot Trader, Bot Buffer, Helper, Marry System Work
Grand Reset System: From 100 Resets , Reward: 25000 Credits
Spots in All Maps , configured for 220x Server
Zen Drop Balanced
Official Mu Helper Work
Bot Buffers, Bot Warpers, Bot Traders Work.
PcPoint Shop System.
New Interesting Events
Blood Castle and Devil Square give Exp Bonus.
Market System: Buy , Selll Items for Zen,Credits,
Vote Reward System: Each 12 Hours vote for server and get Credits
New Dedicted host 24/7 Up Time
No Lags On Server !
Doppelganger event , Fortress of Empire event work.
All Events Configured Perfect, For Best Item Drop

We can guarantee you interesting gameplay, stable server online 24/7, active, responsive administrators, updates every day, new features, Soon different worlds with Low 75xp , M<edium 220xp, Hight 1000xp, We have stable server , premium website with new, interesting options, long years of experience, configured all events, spots, monsters, shops, drops, characters.
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RPGWatch Forums » Games » General MMORPG » MMORPG Marketing » [AD] Balticmu 220x ; 1000x ; 75x
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