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January 18th, 2007, 05:01
"Calling a PC gamer a "console" gamer is like calling a conservative Republican a "liberal"."
Then you are confused or I was unclear, I will let your choose.
I don't know how to explan it any other way, I didn't call you a console game it was a question, i.e. the "?".
If you are unaware oblivion was released on console as well as PC then maybe you wouldn't make more OT claims (is this a better combination of words than ad-homien?)
Please don't forget to answer my questions on the merit as I am addressing your's, thanks.

"Face it, almost all of the attacks "
Once again I don't really know where your experiencing this, in my experienses here at RPGWatch for example I only see it rarely and mostly two instances one by visting trolls or being used in ironies/scarcasm/jokes.
So in reference to this site I would say someone would really have to reach down and take things out of context to make a selfjustifing comment (hehe I am finding all sorts of alternitives).
Remember since your generalising without providing context or examples were blowing in the wind here, I realise it so I wnated to make sure you did too.

"You ( I assume) are the one claiming that Oblivion is bad/broken/crap/whatever."
Appoligies as this confuses me.
What I mean by examples is, you just mentioned above is this;
""It sucks!" or "It's totally broken"
Now I don't rember seeing this around here, but I certianly don't deny it hasn't been said by anitfanboiz, the poiint is you are refering to here, afaik.
Now since I made what you obviously consider negitive (but certianly accurate) comments oblivion, your generaisation was directed at me and others here in gernal if not specificly.
So my point si I had hoped for an example to discuuss from here, because I don't go around on sites known for having trolls.

"So the font size they choose makes the game broken? And what constant popup windows are so bugging to you and compared to what?"
Aren't these game design decisions?

"(someone claimed to have killed all the orcs without levelling IIRC) and it doesn't even scale encounters. "
Exactly IF this did happen, doesn't that make the person remarkably skilled?
Isn't this a much better example of what I am trying to say and oppisite of your point?

"Sheesh. Do I have to show my PC Gamer Union Card to participate"
I asked a reasonable question to understand what context you were speaking in, if your uncomfortable with the question, then I withdraw it.
This was obviously to find out if you played oblvion on console which in this case you wouldn't have any real understanding of what we were talking about since the things were are talking about are in fact low standard console designs.
Does this make you a bad person? Errr. … No.
Nonone is born with knowledge we all have to learn it so, if you have never seen, learned or experienced something then it would be hard to explain.

I guessed you must have played console sometime in yoiur life as you seem to justifing blantent console design.
See you can even take that as an attack but the point is console systems design is for viewing monitors at over 6ft, yet as you seem to use a PC since your posting here you are fully aware that PC are designed to be played less than 2 ft proabably 1ft.
Continuing console hitbox and aiming are intentionally sloppy since accuracy isn't possible with controlers, yet PC is based on perscision.

With that said being the experienced PC gamer you mention shouldn't you have know this and what we are talking about then?

No flame war here.
RPG-lite, ummm sounds like Khaaadeeee, Mongo lik Khaaandeee!

Dr. A
Hey I hadn't heard about that one, I do remember they had been working rather successfully at getting Coop working as they did in Morrwwind.
Errr that's the modders the ones making the game playable on the PC.
Trust me, most of the names I have been called you can't translate in any language…they're not even real words as much as a succession of violent images.
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