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February 14th, 2007, 15:58
Gamespy provides a Review of Vanguard giving it a score of, Fair and seems to base his assessment on the Beta release state.
You can read the review here.

Sigil co-founder and executive producer Brad McQuaid. "People ask me, 'are you launching a finished game?' and the answer is 'no, we're launching a game that is good enough to launch, but it's not finished.' And that's why I love these games: because they should never be finished.
On this point, I have to respectfully disagree with Mr. McQuaid. By their nature, online role-playing games are constantly evolving, but they should still bear some semblance to a finished product.
While I am not having the problems Gamespy is experiencing nor or the problems I do have ever really more than an annoyance, (i.e. like losing my pet as I travel to a new area) I disagree with the reviewer.
I think having a dev out front and center saying, "Look we have the game to a very playable state but we are constantly working on it. " is a refreshing change of pace.

Additionally it does look like they intend to be a more Group focused game as many here have mentioned in the past, which is good to know.
Since Vanguard was really all new news too me and after trying the Trial (think its been 5 days so far) I am nearing 17th level, all gear is 16th level, horse with 2 speed accessories, and over 1 gold (heh it doesn't sound like much but when almost everything is paid in coppers, its not bad ) mostly solo.

I have had 2 good groups and a 3 hour waste of time, one good group wiped on the way out (we should have just recalled), second quest was a little buggy being unable to complete all aspects of the quest and do I even need to explain a bad group experience?
So Solo has been a great fall back at least to this point, also at level 15 (iirc) they started throttling xp, so where killing a mob 2 or 3 levels above me had yielded 1% or more, now it's .25% to .5% if I am seeing it correctly.
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