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July 31st, 2007, 23:26
A mini-interview from E3 on Akella's Disciples III is up at StrategyCore:
SC: How involved will your hero be in the combat? Can he be attacked?
Yes, it's the same as in the previous series, so your hero is one of your main units. You'll be upgrading him a lot as he levels. Actually, think of Disciples III more as a strategy RPG title, not just a strategy game. Every unit is unique, and it will be same for unit upgrades, from simple peasant to a squire to a knight or witch hunter for example. Same will go for your hero; there will be a screen to modify his weapons. So you can change everything and it will be displayed on the hero in 3D. You can change all the armor, weapons, even equipment like rings.
More information.
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July 31st, 2007, 23:26
Good to see some concrete info on this game. Everything else I've seen has been very vague. If they plan on a Q1 08 release, they need to get the hype on.

It does seem to be structured in a strange fashion, though. Instead of taking all the old races from the primary game and thinking up new additions for the expansions, they delete them from the main game, then add them back in later expansions (for more bucks, presumably. )

And I'm not sure we'll be grateful to them for coining a new rpg genre--strategy rpg--the SRPG, I guess. RPG's are misunderstood enough in the gaming press already.

But gripes aside, I hope the game does well. I'd like to keep playing Disciples even in a new incarnation.
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August 1st, 2007, 00:34
The strategy RPG isn't that new a genre, it just rarely works, so it's not something you're likely to pay much attention to.
However, with Disciples, it's a logical extension of the game to move deeper into RPG territory, since your units are built around a named central hero character. Adding a bit more story with events directly tied to that hero figure does make some sense.

I'm very, very pleased that unit members will be able to move individually and that there's a suggestion of tactics based on your surroundings. This is very welcome news.

As for the missing races and the acknowledgment that those will be added in via expansions, this means I certainly will be waiting for the expansions to be released before making any purchase. It just seems odd they're approaching the game in this way. How many people will actually buy D3 at launch knowing full well they're not getting the whole game? Unless it's priced accordingly, I don't see great release day sales for this one.
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