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Default The Witcher - Preview @ Shacknews

August 24th, 2007, 22:26
I only got as far as the dice(?) game, but it's hard to believe this is made from the same albeit highly modified engine as NWN. Very nice, clean and well done artwork. Beautiful, in fact.

I don't have any real problem with a red quest mark on the mini-map. I don't like seeing exclamation points and question marks floating over the heads of NPC's, but just knowing a quest is in a location is not much different than having a city suddenly turn up on your map or a portal to it become enabled as a result of a quest dialogue, both pretty common and not too intrusive ways of leading the player into the game world. (If it gets too much more than this, though, I agree that's some kiddy-fication. I didn't watch all the way through the video.)

Immortal and invulnerable NPCs is a little worse. I have to admit those are my least favorite kinds of quest, however, because of having to protect the NPC (most of the time from his own stupid AI) so I can see why they might decide many people would like that risk factor eliminated.In that kind of case, I'd rather see you transporting a message-- or artifact or something else that is automatically not at risk-- over the distance and through the perils.
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August 24th, 2007, 23:25
I really prefer being told where the quest location is (directions, landmarks)or at
the worst case being given a special map (i.e like the Gothics handle this). Much
more realistic , satisfying and immersive. I disable/mod out markers when I can
(and the game gives reliable info to actually find the location without them)

And while we are at the immersive bit: I consider the most serious
immersion breaker these cases of immortal (but also seemingly decorative
for the quest duration, hey why not put him in the backpack ?!) NPC's.
Watch the rest of the vid if you can magerette. It looks really ridiculous,
Geralt wading through hordes of Monsters while the NPC stands around
like a manequin and the Monsters politely walk around him…

You are right, escort missions can be a pain, but I consider not doing them at all
if they cant be done right. a better solution.
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