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August 27th, 2007, 17:02
First impressions of the final Two Worlds build are up at IGN. The article is fairly short but modestly positive:
So far, Two Worlds boasts a story worthy of the term "epic," and is my personal favorite aspect of the game. Your ultimate goal is to find and save your sister. And to do that, you need to hunt down an ancient artifact said to have the power to resurrect an Orc God. Rest assured that the game makes prolific use of its installed Reputation system. Different factions will require the player's help at several junctions throughout the game by way of different quests, some furthering the main story, others acting as side quests. There's a wide selection of quests to keep players busy for dozens of hours.
More information.
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August 27th, 2007, 17:02
Bought the game last night and ran around for a few hours. The first thought that struck me was that this game looks like Oblivion except it adds facial hair and takes away women. I haven't seen a female character in the whole game so far. Gothics have this disease too. Do European developers never get laid? Do they not know what the female body looks like? I thought some American devs had a phobia about nipples; it looks like some European devs have a phobia of the whole female!

Outside of the female issue, the game seems a mix of Oblivion and Titan Quest. I do like that you can stack duplicates of the same item on top of each other to make a slightly better object. If you have armor that has pierce resist of 4, crush 8, and slash 7. It might add a point or two to each of these resistances if you find an exact match lying around.

Early combat seems slightly harder than Oblivion and quite a bit easier than Gothic. It isn't too difficult to take on 4-5 easy foes at the same time. That said, a creature like a black bear can kill your character with one swipe, so you have to keep on your toes. I've found horses and bow combat to be nearly useless. There are teleporters everywhere but your horse can't seem to enter them. Horses can carry your extra equipment, but they are very difficult to control/steer. Someone described it as trying to control a speedboat with oars.

I'm enjoying myself, so that's the best thing I can say about the game.
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August 27th, 2007, 17:10
My advice: Wait for some in depth reviews before you buy. I was disappointed by the initial release. For an hour or two, this game looks great, then you will get trapped in the weaknesses.
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August 27th, 2007, 17:37
This game seems to split opinnions. Som like it, som dont. I really liked the demo so I ordered it. I have no problem with the horse. Its very easy to control once you get to be familiar with it. I thought the dialogues were just fine. Combat is enjoyable and yes there are women. Atleast more than there was in gothic1.

I guess you should try the demo and see yourself. I suggest playing on hard-level so that the silly resurrection thing is off.
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August 27th, 2007, 17:39
If you want to see women in this game, then please head to Tharbarkin City. Lots of women, there Unfortunately, Reality Pump, have made these women like real women If you approach them, and ask them something, they WILL tell to sod off, ok, maybe a little more politely than that, but they will tell you to go way…

This really adds to the realism of the game, since the game attempts to describe
how life was back in rural Poland/Central Europe/ in the middle ages. And most women would be in cities. For some odd reason I went to Tharbarkin City and there I talked to people. And lo and behold, when I talked to different people, most of them had something different to say about the state of affairs in Tharbarkin or what news from the south. So much better again, than Oblivion's dialogue. I also like that I can see my character speak when talking to people e.g. his facial animation, I mean.

Also, I played the demo with its inbuilt 1.5 patch or service release, for maybe 6 or 8 hours total, and found it to be rather good. The save your sister thing gives the game a rather personal feel and touch, as well as it gives you a reason to get involved in the main quest. So much different than Oblivion's main quest where you didn't know why the emperor choose you, except for the line 'it is you. I have seen you in my dreams' perfectly said by actor Patrick Steward during the opening scene of Oblivion.

Even the rain in this games looks better and more realistic than Oblivion's. It even adds thunder, and loudly so, too. The bloom is luckily toned down to an acceptable minimum which makes this game look realistic. I got a horse by doing a quest for horsebreeder. And that was the only thing, I found a bit weird odd and strange. I tried to steer the horse like you would in real life, but unfortunately the horse seemed to have a mind of its own, and wanted to left, when I wanted to go right and vice versa. Also, the clipping? was terrible as the horse got stuck in walls and in mountainsides. Rather disappoiting. I would say.

The combat in this game is a clickfest. And I mean it. It is worse than Oblivion's, since in Oblivion, at least you had a sense of the combat e.g. that it was your player that did the combat. Here, the combat does you And by that I mean, when you click on say a boar or on a black bear, your guy just attacks and attacks and attacks. This is easily made for in the entertaining and fun quests all over the world in Antaloor.

This game also does something correctly, unlike Oblivion. It only adds new locations to your map, when you have found them or when someone places them on your map for you. This is how it should be as well as you should be able to carry more, when your strengths improves. A feature that this game also does properly & correctly

I experienced only very small clipping and framerate issues, mainly due to the fact that I ahd the game autosave every 5 minutes. Whenever, the game would autosave, there would be a slight pause, while it autosaved the game.

For some reason even the trees looks better than Oblivon's….
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