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Default Unpacking your pak files.

November 1st, 2006, 05:06
This is only for people whom have unpaked before or are willing to read a bit to accomplish it.

Ok thought I would throw out some info I had and hopefully others can/will share as well, to increase performance and prevent problems.

First off the programs you need are either G3Explorer or G3Pack, which I can't find a link for so I used G3Explorer.
It would be nice to find G3Pack so you don't have to manually make the directories for the unpacked files.

Here is the orginal thread I followed, thanks to WernerTWC for the linkage.

I found was 2 pak files you do Not want to unpak are Library and Workspace both very small so you wont gain anything and they cause GUI corruption well they did for me.

I have only just begun testing so I will update if any problems or benifits occur, but the biggest improvement I see so far is much smoother loading and renddering.

This fixes the Corrupted Console problem, so if you are intrested in just that fix you only need to unpack _compiledImage.pak then, _compiledImage.p00, then last _compiledImage.p01, last.

A note on the Console, so far haven't figured out how to add the missing Perks like Make Poison, Master Thief and Make Exploding Arrows.
Trying to add it via the Console give you a second blank (greyed out), it actually seems to add like stacking in the inventory, which is kinda weird.

I intend to try to add the missing Perks through ST or CH if those exist, this is my first chance to use the Console.

Also at least at this point Unpacking seems to have fixed Graphical corruption as well, though time will tell for sure.

So at this point;
Smoother Loading of Textures, Area Locations, AI and Shadows Mapping, i.e this refers to basic Shadows (turned off in the Main Menu).

Fixed Console.

Fixed Graphical corruption.

It takes maybe 30% longer to load for the first load but everything seems much smoother at this point.
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November 1st, 2006, 05:13
So you´re saying unpacking everything is good? I think the opinion at WoG was that it improves the availability of CPU cycles but slows down the loading times simply because the HDD has to move more data.
What are your system specs again? I´ve seen so many in the last weeks.
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November 1st, 2006, 05:50
I don't mind longer loading if it brings stablity and smooth transitions.

Medium system, holding out for the DX10 release or if nothing from DX10 is ressonably price for performance verus price, then a much better deal on current gen.
2.6 Pent, 9800 ATI and 1gig ram and medium settings for the most part.

Actually still expermenting, its an ongoing process with this game.
For me at least and anyone needing access to the Console to fix or attempt the fix bugs its a very good thing.

Btw, what negitive besides Longer Loading did they say at WoG, should I be looking out for certian problems?

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November 1st, 2006, 06:13
Forgot to mention another small problem if you unpack _compiledAnimation and Infos you get a Startup Window before the game actually loads mentioning about 20 duplicate files, just click Ok and the game loads fine.

What seems to work well is Hard saving about every 30 min or before starting a Quest with a Quick save every 15 min, since Quick Saves load quicker, tends to compensate for the longer Load times.
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November 3rd, 2006, 07:11
Another file you shouldn't unpack is the _compiledAnimation.pak, there seems to be an bug with the Crossbow animation that causes a Memory Leak Crash at least with Patch 2.
Once I removed the unpacked Dir and returned the pak file, it worked again without crashing.

First time I ever had the Memory Leak Crash and now wonder if others having that crash are using the Crossbow at the time.
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